English Springer Spaniels

We have been breeding English Springer Spaniels for 25 years. We have been breeding with healthy, good temperament proven dogs, and dogs that are mature enough to be bred. Our philosophy is quality before quantity, and we plan to keep it that way because this is a hobby for us and this activity is supposed to fulfill our intention of breeding better dogs for conformation shows, performance and family members. We only have a maximum of 4 in our house so we can give them a life as family members and socialize them properly. Seven years ago, we incorporated European lines to our bloodline  that include quality bloodlines from England, Denmark and Australia. in order to improve type, health and temperament. As a result, we have produced better dogs in every sense. Our puppies are family raised and we do not have puppies all year round. We breed occasionally , when we want to keep a puppy for us and when we are able to improve the quality of our future generation. We do not dock tails and this is accepted by our Parent Club. The reason behind is that we have learned that docking tails is banned in many countries around the world. This does not prevent our dogs from competing. We used to mix American and European style dogs but in the past years, we have opted to breed the European line exclusively. 

All our dogs have health clearances.  They are PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) clear and have excellent hip reports.